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Chapter Organization With Google Docs

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After visiting chapters last semester, I wanted to share the benefit of utilizing Google Docs for organizing chapter operations.  You have complete control over who can view and edit each of your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, pictures, etc. 

When there is a document shared with other people, one of the best features is that Google Docs is one document that everyone works on the same time with instant updates.  The revisions are saved after each character so you don’t have to worry about anything not saving.

This is a great feature for uploading the National and Local Bylaws, the committees, committee chair updates, attendance at events, risk management plans, house cleaning list, house food list, pictures for historian, alumni newsletters, forms for new member information, names list for potential new members, the chapter’s budget and the list goes on.  Google Docs can make EVERYTHING transparent to the chapter at all times. 

I recommend that committee chairs and executive board members each make their own folder.  For example, the philanthropy chair could write down each event that was done.  More specifically, writing down how the event was planned, who was point of contact, how successful the event went, and what should be changed for the next time this event is planned.  Instead of having information lost in time, officer & chair transition will be MUCH easier having everything on Google Docs.

When I visited Beta Tetarton (Kent State University) I was able to attend their chapter meeting.  The executive board hooked a computer up to their TV and took the time to show brothers how Google Docs work.  On top of that, they had each brother in their chapter download the Google Drive application on their smart phones.  They had each brother sign in to the application and then post their name on a spreadsheet that was shared with each brother.  I am impressed in how well this chapter’s executive board is utilizing this application to keep their chapter extremely organized!

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