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Grand Council Closes Chi Septaton

Posted 11:51 AM by

During the most recent Grand Council meeting, Grand Council Directors voted to suspend the charter and close the Chi Septaton Chapter at Georgia Southern effective immediately.

The chapter hosted an off-campus social event that included unlimited access to beer (in the form of kegs) and hard liquor.

Additionally, the chapter advertised the social event on Facebook, which prompted the Georgia Department of Revenue to send undercover officers to the event. The chapter president, treasurer and another member have been charged with several offenses and are subject to monetary fines.


Comments (2)
David A. Miller wrote
Wow this is sad...but hopefully the students grow from this experience.
Posted Jul 9 2010 5:32 PM
Brad Marcus wrote
Kegs at a fraternity party??? How horrible!! OK, seriously, to do something that is illegal and to advertise it publically...what were they thinking and didn't they have an advisor who monitored their Facebook page? As much as we did as undergrads, the world has changed and we must along with it. I wish the best of luck to those facing prosecution. I hope they learn and the courts are lenient with their stupid decisions.
Posted Jul 19 2011 10:31 PM
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