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The UNCC chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa charters

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The Grand Chapter is pleased to announce that 24 associate members from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte have been initiated and formally chartered as the Beta Octaton Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa.

On September 20, Grand President Bill Neugebauer (Indiana/PA ‘67), Grand Chapter staff, and a ritual team from Mu Hexaton Chapter, initiated colony members and conducted the formal chartering ceremony for UNCC Colony.  The chartering banquet was held on campus in the Cone University Center, Lucas Room and saw over 80 family, friends, and guests in attendance. 

UNCC Colony was originally colonized by Grand Chapter staff in November 2012.  Over the past 22 months the group has worked tirelessly and its petition to charter was approved in May 2014.  The men honored two undergraduate members as the recipients of Cardinal Principle Awards.  Joseph Bandoni received both the Brotherhood Award and Character Award, and Harrison Mull received the Scholarship Award.  Additionally, Brothers Andrew Willis (WPI ‘95) and James Conrad (Illinois ‘84) received the Fourth Degree during the ritual on Saturday and were awarded their Fourth Degree medallions at the banquet for their two years of service as chapter advisors.

Should you wish to congratulate the Beta Octaton Chapter and welcome our new brothers, please direct your emails to Chapter President, Jackson Reid at

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Phi Sigma Kappa brothers bring relief

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Brothers bring relief

Written by: Sheldon Slinkard

Victims of the tornado have been left the task of sifting through their memories one piece of debris at a time. Many in the Vilonia and Mayflower area look at their now vacant lot and take action to rebuild their lives from the ground up. Residents are not alone in this endeavor. Volunteers and workers answered the call to help victims. Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity on the campus of the University of Central Arkansas was among those called to help.
When the rain ceased and the sirens quieted, the young men of Phi Sigma Kappa rallied to support those affected by the storm. A group of four young men banded together to organize a group of compassionate individuals to volunteer their time to help those in need, despite the looming cloud of finals week.
“We had to do something. They needed help,” said former President, Brother Sean Ransonette (Central Arkansas ’14).
The group was in need of communication and advertisement hub to spread the word on their efforts. “We started a meet-up group that just told everyone when and where to meet. From there we just went to the areas and helped in any way we could.”
Ransonette explained the scene as “tragic and sad.”
The fraternity members visited Vilonia Monday morning following the tornado disaster. “Cars were completely wrecked and you couldn’t tell what were houses or lumber yards,” said Ransonette, “I’ve never seen something like it before.”
The young men recounted seeing the rubble and debris. “It was bad,” said Brother Jack Spradlin(Central Arkansas ’12) .
“It was like if you take strawberries, bananas, yogurt, and put it in a blender. Before you turn it on you can recognize everything. It’s normal, then you turn on the power and everything gets mixed up and it’s hard to remember what you started with,” said Brother Ryan Battisto(Central Arkansas ’15).
“We had to help. It was the right thing to do,” said Spradlin.
The group of young men visited Mayflower Tuesday to lend a hand once again to the victims of the storm. They recounted the same view they saw in Vilonia, tussled cars, debris-filled fields that were once family homes, and families rummaging for memories of their not-so-distant past.
The men were filled with joy that they could help. “It was great to see everyone come together and help. You didn’t know who was a victim and who was a volunteer. It was a community working together to bring relief,” said Battisto.
The Brothers wished to gather more help and support, so they sought the help of Sheldon Slinkard whom Brother Ransonette is friends with. Mr. Slinkard wrote the above article and it is posted on his publications website HERE

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Phi Sigma Kappa Welcomes New Grand President, Bill Neugebauer

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Brother Bill Neugebauer (Indiana/PA ‘67) was installed as Phi Sigma Kappa’s Grand President on Sunday, November 11, 2012, at the Kappa Chapter at Penn State University. The Penn State, Penn State/Altoona, and Mansfield chapters were in attendance for the event.

Brother Bill, who currently serves as a Chapter Adviser for Penn State/Altoona and before taking office as Grand President, served as a Grand Council Director since 2003, feels honored to serve the Fraternity on such a level. “With the help of my Brothers, I hope that I can live up to the trust I have been given in the highest position within the Brotherhood,” he said.

His experience and devotion to the Fraternity has been evident since his college years at Indiana/PA.

“I am a ‘people’ person and enjoy being with my family and my Phi Sig family,” he said. “Being an only child, my Fraternity became my family and has been there for me when I most needed them.”

The Grand Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa is excited, hopeful and fully confident in the future of the Fraternity under Brother Bill’s leadership.



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Phi Sigma Kappa Announces Our 2013 Alumni Directory Project

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Over the next several months, Publishing Concepts, Inc. (PCI) will be contacting alumni like you via mail, phone, and e-mail to request that you update your information. We understand that you might not want to provide your information to just anyone, so we want you to know that their request for your updated information is legitimate.

Below is information about the project and PCI. If you have any questions, feel free to call the Phi Sigma Kappa Headquarters at (317) 573-5420 or write to the project coordinator, Jim Ratliff at

Why do I need to update my information?

Information changes quickly! Mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, number of children...things are always changing with our alumni, Your Brothers want to know where you are and what your up to, and we want to keep in touch with you. Updating your information will ensure Phi Sigma Kappa can keep you connected and that alumni trying to reach you can do so easily.

Why is Phi Sigma Kappa using an outside contractor to complete this project?

With a small staff, Phi Sigma Kappa needs to use a corporate partner  to ensure that the Directory is complete, accurate, and published on time.

When will the 2013 Alumni Directory be complete?

Our Directory will be completed and printed in March of 2013. Only the number of Directories requested by alumni will be printed in order to be cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Is there an environmentally friendly version of our Alumni Directory?

Yes, alumni may purchase a CD-ROM of our Alumni Directory.

Can I choose what information is listed in our directory?

Yes. As a standard, the following information will be printed in our Directory:

•Full Name

•Class Year

•Home Mailing Address

•Preferred E-mail Address

•Degrees Received

•Job Title and Company

If you do not wish to have certain information printed in our Directory, you may choose to have specific details omitted.

Who at Phi Sigma Kappa should I contact if I have additional questions?

Please contact Jim Ratliff, Director of Development and Alumni Engagement at (317) 573-5420 or by email at

ABOUT Publishing Concepts, Inc. (PCI)

Who is PCI?

PCI is a company that creates and publishes alumni directories for educational institutions. PCI’s products help colleges and universities update alumni information for the purpose of encouraging alumni engagement.

How long has PCI been in business?

PCI traces their roots back over 85 years to the Rockwell F. Clancy Company, the nation’s first publisher of alumni directories. PCI has been incorporated under the PCI (Publishing Concepts, Inc. name since 1982 and is a privately-held, family-run business.

On what market(s) is PCI focused?

PCI works with alumni and development offices of universities, colleges, professional schools, independent schools, alumni associations, fraternities, and sororities.

Who are some of PCI’s clients?

PCI partners with 17 of the top 25 universities (as rated by US News and World Report including) Princeton, Harvard, and Georgetown.

Where is PCI located?

PCI is located in Dallas, TX.


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Staff Changes at Phi Sigma Kappa Foundation

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At the annual meeting of the Phi Sigma Kappa Foundation this past August in New Orleans, the Trustees approved an aggressive agenda for this fiscal year and a three-year strategic plan. To exceed our goals, a fresh new approach is needed.   

I am excited to announce some staff changes within the Phi Sigma Kappa Foundation.

Kathy Cannady has been appointed to the position of Director Foundation Relations and Services.  In this new role, Kathy will be primarily responsible for developing and implementing various communication, cultivation, and solicitation strategies; managing a tracking system for (major) donors and prospects; and working closely with the Trustees, staff, and other key volunteers to identify and qualify prospects to support the Foundation.  Additionally, this role will oversee all the Foundation communication efforts, including, but not limited to the Foundation portion of the website, donor mailings and Foundation e-newsletters and the Foundation sections of the Signet and developing any written materials, manuals, pamphlets, or other technologically efficient media, as needed for increased awareness of the Foundation’s vision, mission, and/or goals.  Kathy’s 25 years on staff with the Grand Chapter make her an ideal person for this new role. 

Jim Ratliff (Ball State ’89) has been appointed to the position of Director of Development and Alumni Engagement.  In Jim’s new role, Jim will assist with the fundraising program - some activities may include managing parts of the annual fund, solicitation of (major) gifts, and planned giving.  Jim will also be tasked with managing Foundation alumni activities; assisting with the organization and implementation of area alumni/donor receptions as budgeted; provide phone and written correspondence assistance to chapters and alumni clubs on alumni issues; and developing and implementing various cultivation and solicitation strategies for pre-determined set of alumni.

Please join me in congratulating both Kathy and Jim in their roles. 

Michael Carey
Executive Director

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Founders' Day Proclamation

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As we approach Founders' Day, I can't help but reflect upon what was one of the most important times of my life. . . my initiation into Phi Sigma Kappa. Originally, I was a member of my local chapter of Sigma Kappa Phi, at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I was inducted into Phi Sigma Kappa on March 27, 1965, as the Theta Pentaton Chapter joined the fold of the Phi Sigma Kappa National Fraternity. The induction team from Penn State (Kappa) Chapter inducted 31 men and I was installed as the first sentinel, Ritual  #5 and a founding father of the Theta Pentaton Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa National Fraternity. Brother John Silinish (Lehigh ‘57), Vice President of Region II conducted the installation ceremony following the Ritual of Initiation.

At the banquet that evening, with after-dinner speeches and greetings from Brother John Silinish, I remember a telegram of congratulations being read from Grand President Al Rudisill (Gettysburg ‘50). The main speaker for the evening was Chancellor of the Court of Honor Bob Abbe (Worcester ’38). Also present at the head table were: Executive Director Herbert L. "Bert" Brown (Swarthmore ‘16), Chapter Adviser Walter Shea (Indiana/PA ’65), Dean of Men Elwood Sheeder and Tom Briggum (Kappa ‘65) representing the induction team. The brothers in attendance hailed from Drexel Institute, Waynesburg College, Penn State University, Youngstown University, as well as Clarion.

What an exciting time it was for all of us at Theta Pentaton Chapter. We were the start of many years of success at IUP, which unfortunately ended in 1995. However, it is with swelling pride that I announce that we will begin the recolonization effort of Theta Pentaton this March! The expansion team from the International Headquarters will return to the campus to recruit a new group of young men who hold our ideals near and dear to their hearts, and I look forward to meeting every single one of them. Until then, my "shingle" hangs proudly on my wall in my home and my memories are still strong of the founding of my chapter so many years ago.

I can only imagine the excitement that was felt by the six founders of Phi Sigma Kappa on March 15, 1873 as they began their "great experiment." I believe that they would indeed be proud today of their Triple T Fraternity, as would the seven who began Phi Sigma Epsilon on a similar path. Their dream, their vision, is being fulfilled today by brothers in Phi Sig chapters at colleges and universities throughout the land. Commitment to meeting the challenges of following the ideals of our Cardinal Principles will lead the way to a future of fraternal greatness.

The words of Founder Henry Hague come to mind as he spoke on the night of March 15, 1873:

       So now my brothers, you know what Founders' Day means to me as I approach the eve of the 50th anniversary of my initiation into Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity and why I am Damn Proud to be a brother of Phi Sigma Kappa!


Grand President William D. Neugebauer (Indiana/PA '67)

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Man of Character

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Man of Character

To Develop Character: Honor is the basis of fraternal relationships. We resolve to instill in each member a devotion to those values which will guide him to ends that are noble and right, so that in all that he represents and in all that he does, he shall be known as a man of honor who inspires others by his example and thus wins admiration and respect for himself and for Phi Sigma Kappa.

Phi Sigma Kappa International Headquarters and the Grand Chapter seek to instill this Cardinal Principle within our members. Every brother should strive to develop his character throughout his lifetime so that…

“…be known as a man of honor who inspires others by his example and thus wins admiration and respect for himself and for Phi Sigma Kappa.”

This Cardinal Principle is the very core of our Fraternity and is what defines it to the world.

Today, on our Founders’ Day, we are launching a new program to recognize those brothers that seek to define this Principle by the actions they take in their lives. The Grand Council’s new “Man of Character” program will recognize up to four undergraduate brothers a year that they see as defining “To Develop Character” and what it means to our Fraternity.

This Founders’ Day they would like to recognize Brother Alexander Biniaz-Harris (Southern Cal ’15) with this honor.  Alex has displayed leadership through his time at the University of Southern California in multiple ways. He was a founding father during the Omega Deuteron recolonization, has held positions within the chapter and is heavily involved in organizations outside of the chapter, in particular, the USC Shoah Foundation, which he has been involved with since his freshman year. Below you can read more about Alex and his work with the Shoah Foundation and his once in a lifetime trip to Kraków, Poland to perform his co-composed piano piece, Auschwitz Suite, for the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp this past January. 



Article 1

Article 2

Article 3


Look for more on Alex in this upcoming Spring Signet issue in June.

More information and criteria on this new initiative will be released this week. Nominees must be undergraduate brothers in good standing with the Fraternity and can be nominated by anyone. 

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Phi Sigma Epsilon Founders' Day

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Greeting brothers!

February 20, 2015 marks the 105th Anniversary of the founding of Phi Sigma Epsilon at Kansas State Normal College, today called Emporia University. We have recently re-colonized the founding chapter at Emporia University in order to celebrate and revive another part of the proud history of our organization.

Today’s organization was forever changed by the merger in 1985, which enhanced our Brotherhood and strengthened the bond to members in both organizations. Today is a day we acknowledge and honor the history and contributions of Phi Sigma Epsilon to the collective Brotherhood of Phi Sigma Kappa.

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Robert M. Zillgitt Leadership Institute Nominations

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Robert M. Zillgitt Leadership Institute Nominations

The Grand Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa is seeking nominations of exceptional undergraduates that may be considered for this summer’s Robert M. Zillgitt Leadership Institute. As you may be aware, this is the Fraternity's premier leadership development program, funded by the Phi Sigma Kappa Foundation.

The undergrads selected will arrive in Minneapolis on Monday, August 3 and go through an intense leadership training experience. They will then attend the 65th General Convention, to be held at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis through Saturday, August 8. 

Undergraduates must have one year remaining before graduation (graduation date no earlier than spring of 2016). The committee will accept multiple applications from each chapter and colony. However, only one brother from each group will be selected to attend the 2015 Zillgitt Institute.

The Fraternity is accepting nominations until March 8. Those nominated will then have until March 28 to submit their applications.

If you know of any young men you feel worthy, please send their names to and they will immediately receive an application.

Read about last year's program in The Signet Fall 2014 issue. 


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Open staff positions at International Headquarters.

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The International Headquarters of Phi Sigma Kappa would like to announce openings for both The Director of Fraternity Operations and a Regional Leadership Coordinator position. We are now accepting applications.

Qualified individuals will have a bachelor's degree, strong computer skills, excellent written and oral communication skills, and experience with leadership with proven results. Candidates must be willing to relocate to the Indianapolis area.

For a full description of the job duties and expectations, please call International Headquarters Monday through Friday at 317.573.5420. or click below.

Director of Fraternity Operations

Regional Leadership Coordinator

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit a cover letter, resume, three references and a written statement as to why you feel you would succeed at the position, to Executive Vice President Michael Carey at

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University of Florida formally rechartered

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The Grand Chapter is pleased to announce that 33 associate members from the University of Florida have been initiated and formally rechartered as the Delta Tetarton Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa.

On August 30th, Grand President Bill Neugebauer (Indiana/PA ‘67), Grand Chapter staff, and a ritual team from Kappa Hexaton Chapter (Stetson University), initiated colony members and conducted the formal chartering ceremony for Delta Tetarton Colony.  The chartering banquet was held at Paramount Plaza Hotel and Conference Center in Gainesville, Florida and saw 80+ family, friends, and guests in attendance. 

Delta Tetarton was originally chartered in 1951 and was recolonized by Grand Chapter staff in the summer of 2013.  Over the past year, the group has worked tirelessly and its petition to charter was approved in May.  The men honored three undergraduate members as the recipients of Cardinal Principle Awards.  Michael Torounian received the Brotherhood Award, Jeff Rossin received the Scholarship Award, and Marcelo Guerra received the Character Award. 

Should you wish to congratulate the Delta Tetarton Chapter and welcome our new brothers, please direct your emails to Chapter President, Michael Tamayo at

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IHQ Announces Staff Opening

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The International Headquarters would like to announce open positions on Fraternity staff. We are now accepting applications! Phi Sigma Kappa is seeking energetic and dynamic individuals to join staff as members of the Expansion Team.

Qualified individuals will have a bachelor's degree, strong computer skills, excellent written and oral communication skills, experience with leadership and a strong recruitment background with proven results. Candidates must be willing to relocate to the Indianapolis area.

For a full description of job duties and expectations, please call International Headquarters Monday through Friday at 317.573.5420.

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit a cover letter, resume, three references and a written statement as to why you feel you would succeed at this position, to Executive Vice President Michael Carey at


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Founders' Day 2013

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One hundred forty years ago, six visionary men founded an order that seeks only the truest of heart and the noblest of character – our Brotherhood. This Brotherhood was enhanced in 1985 with the inclusion of an equally visioning group of seven men – the founding fathers of Phi Sigma Epsilon. The combination of these two groups created what we are now proud to call Phi Sigma Kappa.
     Each year, Phi Sigma Kappa chapters and colonies donate thousands of dollars and man hours to a variety of charities and philanthropies, including our national philanthropy, Special Olympics.  This enduring quality is also reflected in our alumni brothers who grew through our undergraduate bonds as giving individuals, continuing to work with many charities on their own.
     Our Founders would indeed be proud. Their dream - their vision - is being fulfilled today.  Although as undergraduates we enjoy the campus competition that brings the trophies to our mantel, but these rewards are only the icing on the cake. The real pot of gold is the unselfish acts of giving that make others' lives better.
     These rewards do not come in a physical form, but at a moment when our hearts and minds are touched by the good that we do. At this point, we know that our Founders have succeeded in developing men of character, and it is our duty as members to continue in this development. If we continue to do what we do, Phi Sigma Kappa will remain a strong and viable fraternity to be proud of and envied throughout this century.
    As we look to the future, I challenge you as men of Phi Sigma Kappa, to evaluate yourselves, evaluate your interactions and evaluate your Fraternity. As an undergrad, what is your chapter doing to live out our Founders’ visions? As an alumnus, what are you doing in your family or your career to exemplify the characteristics of our Brotherhood? As members of this Fraternity, what can we, as a national organization, do better to carry out our purpose and serve you? Think about these things, and don’t stop there, move forward and act on your acuities, allowing the term “ever-growing throng” to hold true.


Bill Neugebauer
Grand President

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A Firm Conviction

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Part of this year’s Conclave focused on the Creed, and how it connects to the purpose of our organization. Over the course of Conclaves, I heard a lot of strong personal statements about member’s interpretations of the Creed. An undergraduate from Rho Hexaton, when asked if he felt that he and his chapter brothers were living up to the Creed, said something that really stood out: “I’m not just living up to the Creed right now; it’s a journey, and I’m on it.”

I admit it had been a while since I’d taken a good, long look at our Creed up until I heard this, and it got me thinking. After poring over it several times that evening, I saw how the Creed described the journey I’m on with Phi Sigma Kappa. Through the first sentence and paragraph, I was reminded of the solemn obligations I took as a new member. I placed my trust and faith in the Fraternity, and declared the same to all those I would encounter as a new representative of the organization.

Continuing on, the second main paragraph is the embodiment of my undergraduate years. As an initiated brother, I had now made it my purpose to turn the trust the Fraternity had in me into dedicated service as an active. All our events now served as an opportunity for me to promote the Fraternity in a positive manner and selflessly serve on behalf of my brothers.

The last paragraph reminded me of the Third Degree Ritual, and the opportunity to pass on words of advice to the remaining undergraduates. It’s now my purpose to take the things I learned and the person I became because of Phi Sigma Kappa out into the real world. Everybody I meet should be able to learn that I am a proud Fraternity man, and that experience has shaped the man I am today.

I continue to hear discussions carrying on about the Creed across the country, and enjoy hearing how members interpret it for their own personal experience. As we turn the corner toward Phi Sigma Kappa’s Founders’ Day, I hope you all take the time to revisit the Creed and reflect on your own journey.

And of course, By These Things I stand.

Matt Valleau
Regional Leadership Coordinator
Matt has been on staff since the summer of 2011, after graduating from Ferris State University. Matt is the IHQ's connection to our undergraduate brothers across the country, personally visiting our chapters as the Regional Leadership Coordinator. 


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GEICO School Spirit Championship Offers Cash Prizes

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GEICO, who Phi Sigma Kappa recently teamed up with to offer members special savings, has begun their GEICO School Spirit Championship. In this competition, our members are able to enter a picture of themselves showing their best school spirit for their alma mater or favorite college/university for a chance to win cash prizes.

If you think you have the most school spirit, enter GEICO’s School Spirit Championship by submitting your picture to GEICO's Facebook page.

Remind your friends to go vote for you daily beginning March 11th.

You have the chance to win one of seven $500 prizes, or a $1,000 grand prize!

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National Volunteers Gear Up for Mid-Year Meeting

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The executive boards from the Grand Chapter, the Foundation, and PSK Properties are meeting in Indianapolis, IN, this weekend for Phi Sigma Kappa’s annual mid-year meeting.

Held six months after each year’s convention or leadership school, the mid-year meeting is a chance for all of PSK’s national volunteers to meet in one place and discuss, meditate on, and make action-plans for our Fraternity for the remainder of the year.

All three units will meet both separately to discuss their own specific matters and collectively to discuss Phi Sigma Kappa as a whole. The mid-year meeting is a great opportunity to address organizational issues, to build up morale as we draw closer to Founders’ Day, and for national volunteers to spend time with good friends/brothers.  

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Valentine's Day and Women

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The Notebook. The Titanic. Pretty Woman.

Add a Hallmark card, a box of chocolates, and a romantic candle lit dinner, and you have the textbook Valentine’s Day. When we think of Valentine’s Day in terms of clichés, we forget about the most important, and hopefully prevailing, sentiment of the holiday – love.

How many of us Phi Sig men can recall the handful of women who help or have helped us in our undergraduate time in the Fraternity? From house moms, Greek advisers, members’ mothers, sorority women, girlfriends, and probably many other female volunteers, the women that take their time and passion to selflessly improve and develop the men of this organization deserve to be recognized. This Valentine’s Day, I challenge our men to seek out the women on their respective campuses that hold our letters in as high esteem as we do.

Sending a card from your chapter, bringing a white tea rose and red carnation to an office or buying a small gift for these women is a simple way of saying thank you. It can be easy to take their help and involvement for granted, but if you take a minute, I can almost guarantee that you realize how vital their wisdom, inspiration and encouragement can be.

By all means, share this holiday with your significant other and rent one of these movies above (unless you own one of course…), make a reservation at a nice Italian restaurant or buy that Build-a-Bear you keep passing in the mall. But as fraternity men of Phi Sigma Kappa, let’s also take this Valentine’s Day to focus on the women who LOVE our organization as much as we do. 
Scott Pegram
Director of Expansion and Recruitment
Scott has been on staff since September 2013 serving as the Director of Expansion and Recruitment. He is a proud alumnus of the Nu Pentaton Chapter at Clarion University. 


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OmegaFi Hosts Weekly Informative Webinars for Users

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Just a reminder... Each week the OmegaFi Bill Pay team hosts a 20-minute webinar that provides an overview of the Bill Pay service and the Bill Pay related features on the Chapter Desktop. It is highly recommended by Phi Sigma Kappa International Headquarters that every Phi Sigma Kappa chapter administrator attend a Bill Pay webinar. Contact your Account Manager or Bill Pay Manager to receive an invitation.

If you have any questions regarding invoices from Phi Sigma Kappa please contact Phi Sigma Kappa International Headquarters at (317) 573-5420.

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iRecruit: Learning from Apple

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Apple is one of the world’s most innovative companies. As an organization that prides ourselves on ‘meeting challenges with innovation’, there are some things we could learn from such a successful company. Their entire approach to business focuses on why they do what they do, and they let that approach guide their entire business model. Their approach to customer service is particularly interesting; it follows the acronym A-P-P-L-E.

Approach with a customized, warm greeting.
Any time we are meeting new guys on campus, it’s important to be very genuine and friendly with them. Customize your approach with each guy to avoid sounding like you are reading from a script. Ask something personal and show a genuine interest in them and what they are about, before you tell them what Phi Sigma Kappa is about.

Probe politely to understand the customer’s needs.
Potential new members aren’t necessarily customers, but you are selling our organization to them … and I must say, we are quite a good product!  Ask questions that find out what potential new members are looking for.

Present a solution the customer can take home today.
After finding out what potential new members are looking for, we should let them know how our organization can benefit them. Use this time to do a little humble bragging on the organization you have come to love … Make them want our product!

Listen for and address unresolved questions.
While you are talking with a potential new member, listen for any reservations they have about joining. Help address these issues with creative solutions (i.e. payment plans, scholastic workshops, leadership development conferences, etc.) If it’s something you don’t necessarily know how to resolve, let them know you’ll work with them, together, to figure it out.

End with a fond farewell and an invitation to return.
Be sure to let any potential new members know that you enjoyed meeting them.  Ask them if they would like to grab lunch, play football, or come to another recruitment event … and be sure to get their phone number! It is way more effective to call a guy first, than to sit around and hope he calls you wanting more information.
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Top 4 Non-traditional Recruitment Places on Campus

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Do you ever wonder where you should look to find other students on campus to recruit? We have compiled a list of the top places to recruit on campus and have provided some reasons why. Take these into your chapter meeting and share them. Get out there and start shaking some hands!

1.      Library

As fraternity men, if we gather in a library with letters on and study together, we break an unfortunate stereotype. Fraternity men can study, and we can study well. By stimulating scholarship, we can create a well-rounded image for ourselves and our Fraternity. Also, by creating this image, others will notice. Create this type of positive image on campus by creating study hours for the chapter and new members alike. People will recognize your commitment to academics and be intrigued by the potential to become a member of Phi Sigma Kappa on campus.    

2.     Gym/Athletic Facility

I think we’ve all been that guy at some point –the guy who shoots the basketball alone or throws a baseball up and down to himself for a bit. How much better would that be if we could have been part of a game? Get a group of your brothers together and head to the gym or outdoor field and find that guy. Invite him to be a part of your game. Integrating others into fraternity events such as athletics can be one of the most successful ways to recruit. Maybe you can finally find that last member for your intramural team, too, and not be stuck with the guy who... tries really hard, but can’t quite get it…again.

3.     Dining Hall/Coffee Shop

Much like the guy who was playing a sport alone, there are more people who at some point during their day will eat a meal alone. By going to a dining hall and asking to eat with someone, you have the possibility of an interesting meal and could make a new friend too. Another option can be heading to the local coffee shop on campus. Find someone in line, offer to buy them a coffee and sit down with them for a conversation. I know this may sound awkward, but try it! You will be surprised with the results. At the very least, these are good activities for stepping outside of your comfort zone and practicing your recruitment abilities (and social skills).

4.     Union

Where do people hang out in between classes on campus? The union can be a good place to grab a bite to eat, finish your last minute studying, or just meet up with friends. Because of its many uses, it’s the perfect location on campus to meet new people. Many times transfer students and commuters will spend a majority of their time outside of class at the union. These are two groups that can also use an organization like a fraternity to provide them “a home away from home.” Some unions even have lounges for transfer and commuter students. Contacting the union on your campus is a great way to start finding these students.
Scott Pegram
Director of Expansion and Recruitment
Scott has been on staff since September 2013 serving as the Director of Expansion and Recruitment. He is a proud alumnus of the Nu Pentaton Chapter at Clarion University. 


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Brother Dan Patrick Named National Sportscaster of the Year

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Brother Dan Patrick (Dayton ’79) was recently named the National Sportscaster of the Year by the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association (NSSA).

Brother Dan has a long history in the sports journalism field. His achievements surpass many of his colleagues, having ESPN/ABC, Sports Illustrated, the Olympics, and CBS Sports Radio on his resume. He has been working in his field for more than 30 years, during which he coined the phrase “en fuego”, now popularly used by commentators to describe an athlete on a hot streak. Brother Dan’s main endeavor now is hosting his own show, “The Dan Patrick Show,” which is a successor to an original show of the same name, which aired from 1999 to 2007 on ESPN Radio.

The award winners will receive recognition at the 54th Annual NSSA Awards Weekend in Salisbury, NC, on June 8-10, 2013.

We are Damn Proud to call Dan Patrick a Phi Sigma Kappa brother!

For a full list of the other 2013 NSSA award winners, click here

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Two New Colonies Added to the Brotherhood

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The Phi Sigma Kappa Brotherhood recently gained two new colonies at the Rochester Institute of Technology and the University of North Carolina/Charlotte!  

The Grand Chapter is very hopeful in these groups of associated men and the regional alumni who are dedicated to their success. 

Follow the individual success on their Facebook pages: RIT and UNC/C

Or to send any congratulations or words of encouragement to the colonies, please contact:


UNC Charlotte Greek Life Office
Attn: Phi Sigma Kappa
Cone Center Room 382
9201 University City Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28223


RIT Student Life Office
Attn: Phi Sigma Kappa
1 Lomb Memorial Dr.
Rochester, NY 14623

Damn Proud!

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Adam Umbrasas Elected to the Grand Council

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Adam Umbrasas (Ferris State ’06) was appointed to serve as Director on the Fraternity’s Grand Council last week.  Adam is filling the vacated seat of Brother Bill Neugebauer (Indiana/PA ’67) when Brother Neugebauer was appointed Grand President.

Brother Adam has served the Fraternity on many levels including Regional Adviser, Chapter Adviser to the Ferris State/Sigma Epsilon Chapter, Alumni Club Vice President and Foundation Trustee.

His continuous involvement with Phi Sigma Kappa prompted a unanimous vote for his election from the current Grand Council.

On his new role, Brother Adam said, “I am honored and humbled to be tapped to serve Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity as a Grand Council Director. I'm glad to see that my passion for Phi Sig shows through, and I look forward to helping make the Phi Sig experience the best it can be for our members both undergraduate and alumni.”

Please join us in congratulating Brother Adam on his new role!  Brother Adam can be contacted via email at

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Your News, Your Fraternity...The Fall 2012 Signet is Here!

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Click here to see the latest news in the Phi Sigma Kappa community!

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2013 Regional Conclave Dates and Locations are Now Available!

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2013 Regional Conclave Information


January 18/19


Athens, GA

UGA Hotel and Conference Center

1197 S Lumpkin St

Athens, GA 30602

Room rate; $99, plus tax – king; $109, plus tax – two twins; $129, plus tax – two double beds

Call 800/884-1381 for reservations before December 10, 2012. Please refer to hotel block code 81702.

Chapters: Gamma Triton (South Carolina), Kappa Deuteron (Georgia Tech), Omicron Deuteron (Alabama), Delta Tetarton (Florida), Beta Septaton (Florida State), Upsilon Septaton (Clemson), Psi Septaton (Valdosta State), Omega Septaton (Auburn), UNC/Charlotte Colony

NOTE: A Lowe Volunteer & Officers Conference will be held in this location


Cedar Rapids, IA

Clarion Hotel and Conference Center

525 33rd Ave SW

Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

Room rate: $89, plus tax

Call 319/366-8671 for reservations before December 21, 2012

Chapters: Beta Deuteron (Minnesota), Pi Pentaton (Northern Illinois), Nu Septaton (Marian), Gamma Epsilon (Truman State), Epsilon Nu (NW Missouri State), Epsilon Phi (Wis/Milwaukee)


Louisville, KY

Best Western Louisville East

9802 Bunsen Way

Louisville, KY 40299

Room rate: $69, plus tax

Call 502/499-0000 for reservations before December 11, 2012.

Chapters: Alpha Deuteron (Illinois), Xi Deuteron (Tennessee), Pi Deuteron Colony (Ohio State), Phi Deuteron (Kentucky), Delta Triton (Purdue), Sigma Triton (Indiana), Kappa Tetarton (Southern Illinois), Tau Tetarton (Tennessee/Martin), Eta Hexaton (Dayton), Epsilon Tau (Ball State)


January 25/26


Bentonville, AR

LaQuinta Inn and Suites

1001 SE Walton Blvd

Bentonville, AR 72712

Room rate: $72, plus tax

Call 479/271-7555 for reservations.

Chapters: Sigma Tetarton (Midwestern State), Beta Epsilon (Pittsburg State), Epsilon Epsilon (Northeastern State), Epsilon Iota (Central Missouri), Epsilon Mu (Central Arkansas), Sigma Tau (Missouri Western)


Fairfax, VA

The Mason Inn

4352 Mason Pond Drive

Fairfax, VA 22030

Room rate: single/double - $89, plus tax; triple - $99, plus tax; quad - $109, plus tax

Call 877/296-6695 for reservations before December 18, 2012.

Chapters: Eta (Maryland), Lambda (George Washington), Nu (Lehigh), Psi (Virginia), Epsilon Triton (American), Epsilon Hexaton (Virginia Tech), Mu Hexaton (Radford), Mu Septaton (Delaware), Xi Septaton (George Mason), Omicron Septaton (Villanova), Phi Hexaton (Towson), Phi Theta Colony (Shippensburg)


Worcester, MA

Assumption College

No room block has been arranged. Groups are asked to seek lodging in the immediate vicinity.

Chapters: Alpha (UMass), Gamma (Cornell), Iota (Stevens), Omicron (MIT), Epsilon Deuteron (Worcester), Psi Triton (Hobart), Gamma Tetarton (Rennselaer), Nu Tetarton (Rutgers), Beta Pentaton (East Stroudsburg), Upsilon Hexaton (FDU/Madison), Zeta Septaton Colony (Johnson & Wales), Phi Septaton (Adelphi), Alpha Octaton (NJIT)

NOTE: A Lowe Volunteer & Officers Conference will be held in this location



February 8/9


Grand Rapids, MI

Ramada Plaza

3333 28th St SW

Grand Rapids, MI 49512

Room rate: $75, plus tax

Call 616/949-9222 for reservations before January 11, 2013.

Chapters: Delta Deuteron Colony (Michigan), Chi Tetarton (Western Michigan), Tau Septaton (Hope College), Epsilon Lambda (Eastern Michigan), Phi Upsilon (Valparaiso), Sigma Epsilon (Ferris State)



Hesperia, CA

Courtyard by Marriott

9619 Mariposa Rd

Hesperia, CA 92345

Room rate: $89, plus tax

Call 888/236-2427 for reservations.

Chapters: Omega Deuteron (Southern Cal), Omega Tetarton (Cal State/LA), Iota Pentaton (Cal State/Fullerton), Kappa Pentaton (UC/Santa Barbara), Rho Hexaton (Northern Arizona), Eta Septaton (Cal Poly)



Pittsburgh, PA

Chatham College

No room block has been arranged. Groups are asked to seek lodging in the immediate vicinity.

Chapters: Delta (West Virginia), Kappa (Penn State), Rho Deuteron (Gettysburg), Eta Triton (Akron), Beta Tetarton (Kent State), Upsilon Tetarton Colony (RIT), Gamma Hexaton (Robert Morris), Iota Septaton (Penn State/Altoona), Phi Nu (Mansfield)

NOTE: A Lowe Volunteer & Officers Conference will be held in this location


Special Notes:

Separate arrangements will be made for following chapters: Zeta Pentaton (Texas/Pan American), Kappa Hexaton (Stetson), Lambda Septaton (Florida International)


Please be sure to mention Phi Sigma Kappa to get the negotiated hotel room rates.


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Upsilon Tetarton Colony Re-establishes at RIT

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On October 10, the Upsilon Tetarton Colony at the Rochester Institute of Technology was re-established with the association of a diverse and motivated group of young men. A group of local alumni from the chapter, as well as other Phi Sigma Kappa chapters, attended the Association to meet the new colony members. The colony has 23 members and is growing rapidly. Men from the intramural football and hockey teams, as well as the university’s club hockey team make up a core group of students involved. Supported by the administration and a strong alumni base, the colony shows incredible potential.

If you are an alumnus or if you know someone at RIT who would be interested in learning more about the developing colony, contact Jason Waks at

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Special Message from the Grand Council

Posted 2:57 PM by



We regretfully announce the resignation of Brother Tim Vojtasko as Grand President of the Grand Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa, effective October 12, 2012.

Brother Tim has accepted a staff position with the University of South Carolina’s Department of Student Life: Division of Student Affairs and Academic Support, specifically to serve as live-in House Director for the Phi Sigma Kappa chapter at South Carolina.  As an employee of the University of South Carolina, the House Director position will combine Tim’s teaching experience from George Mason University, his professional human resources and leadership development experience, and his former Phi Sig volunteer and staff member experience in a hands-on residential living environment. 

After consultation with, and per the advice of, the Grand Chapter’s Legal Counsel and insurance agent, Tim’s career change – most specifically the details of his employment arrangement with the University – clearly created a significant risk management liability issue for the Grand Chapter, as well as a conflict of interest in his role as an elected volunteer to the Fraternity’s Grand Council.   As a result, Tim provided the Grand Council with his resignation as the Fraternity’s Grand President.  The Council members each extend Brother Tim our best wishes in his new career!

Subsequently, and in accordance with Article V, Section 2(k) of the Grand Chapter’s Constitution and Bylaws, the Grand Council members have unanimously elected current Council Director Bill Neugebauer (Indiana/PA ’67) to serve as Grand President and fill the vacancy created by Brother Vojtasko’s resignation, and finish the remaining term of office, which shall be until the upcoming General Convention July 31-August 3, 2013.  With Brother Neugebauer’s election as Grand President - and in accordance with Article V, Section 2(k) of the Grand Chapter’s Constitution and Bylaws - the Council will be filling the vacancy created by Brother’s Neugebauer elevation to the Grand Presidency shortly.  An announcement will be made on this as soon as practicable.

The Council extends its congratulations to Brother Bill as our new Grand President!

Grand Council of Phi Sigma Kappa  


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Alpha Deuteron Charters at Illinois

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The Phi Sig Brotherhood welcomed back the Alpha Deuteron Chapter at the Univerisity of Illinois last Saturday, August 18. The colony has been working extremely hard over the past year, making a successful charter possible within only 12 months of its beginning. 

The night was a tearful one, pulling on the heartstrings of both current undergrads and present alumni alike. Phi Sigma Kappa welcomed over 30 brothers, adding exceptional young men to the network. 

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Rho Tetarton Plans Alumni Reception Celebrating 59 Years of Brotherhood

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The brothers of Rho Tetarton will celebrate 59 years of brotherhood this year. The Loyola Marymount University Alumni Association will host a reception during their annual alumni BBQ for PSK alumni on Sunday, Sept. 30, 2012. 

The 59th Annual Alumni BBQ will begin at 11 a.m., and the Phi Sigma Kappa Alumni Reception will begin at 2 p.m.

The Living Room, Malone Student Center, 1st Floor
Loyola Marymount University
1 LMU Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Please RSVP by Friday, Sept. 21, if you wish to attend.

Attire: Casual

Cost: Complementary

To register for the BBQ, please click here

For questions or further information, please contact Alumni Relations at LMU by phone at 310.338.3065 or by email at


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PSK Properties Calls for Nominations

Posted 4:00 PM by

Phi Sigma Kappa Properties

Call for Nominations for the Board of Directors

 The Phi Sigma Kappa Properties Nominating Committee is seeking nominees to serve as members of the Phi Sigma Kappa Properties Board of Directors for the 2012 – 2015 term. Phi Sigma Kappa Properties looks to the long-term success of Phi Sigma Kappa through responsible management and growth of property assets for the benefit of all brothers - past, present and future. The committee invites all brothers to nominate members for consideration in this process. The election to the PSKP Board will take place during the board’s annual meeting in August. 

Nominees should possess the following qualifications:

  • Belief that providing housing and housing related services to undergraduate members is an important aspect in strengthening our Fraternity.
  • Ability to volunteer 5 to 10 hours per month to the organization, including being available for monthly conference calls.
  • Ability to attend the annual and mid-year meetings in person.
  • Professional skills in real estate, student housing, law, property management, and banking are a plus but are not required.

Each nomination should include:

  • Nominee’s contact information including name, address, daytime phone number, email address, and undergraduate chapter.
  • Description of why the nominee would be well suited as a Director of the Properties Board.

Phi Sigma Kappa members who wish to submit names to the Nominating Committee should send their nominations by June 1, 2012 to:

David Jones, Nominating Committee Chairman

Interested in volunteering with PSK Properties but don’t have the time to dedicate towards serving as a board member?

We are always looking for volunteers who are interested in serving on committees. If you think you might be interested in volunteering in this aspect please contact us at

For more information about PSK Properties visit us at

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IHQ Staff Positions Available

Posted 7:55 PM by

IHQ Staff Positions Available

    Phi Sigma Kappa is seeking energetic and dynamic brothers! The International Headquarters is accepting applications for staff members for the 2012-2013 academic year.

     If you have recently graduated or will graduate this spring, this is a tremendous opportunity to lend a hand to your fellow brothers. These staff positions will be trained to travel across the country to work with chapters in areas of recruitment, leadership development, chapter finances, etc. Some staff members may have the opportunity to start new colonies.

     Candidates must be willing to re-locate to the Indianapolis area. Applications will be accepted through the end of May.

      Qualified individuals will have a bachelor’s degree, strong computer skills, excellent written and oral communication and experience in chapter operations and leadership.

      Interested candidates are encouraged to submit a cover letter, resume and references to Executive Director Michael Carey at


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Nominations Now Accepted for the 2012 Robert M. Zillgitt Leadership Institute

Posted 7:56 PM by

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2012 Robert M. Zillgitt Leadership Institute!

The Zillgitt Leadership Institute is a program of specialized leadership training and experiential learning dedicated to creating stronger members and a greater Fraternity.  Funding for the Institute has been made available through the Phi Sigma Kappa Foundation from a bequest of the estate of the late Robert M. Zillgitt, a member of the Court of Honor and former Foundation Trustee.  Brother Zillgitt was a champion of developing chapter leaders.

Every chapter and colony is encouraged to nominate brothers; however; only one member from every chapter/colony is selected.  Self-nominations are also welcome.

Nominate a brother who you feel exemplifies leadership characteristics today.

See this flyer for more information. 

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Sigma Zeta Brother Killed in Line of Duty

Posted 9:32 PM by

Brother Jamison Kampmeyer (Wisconsin/River Falls ’99) was killed in the line of duty on March 4, 2012, while battling a fire in Colby, Wisconsin. Four other firefighters were injured in the fire as well.

Brother Jamison held a position as a detective with the Marathon County Sheriff's Department, where he was also a S.W.A.T. team member and Field Training Officer. He represented the Sheriff's Department as a regional member of the Midwest Tactical Officers Association. He was also proud to be a member of the Marathon County Sheriff's Department honor guard. Brother Jamison had been with the department since April 2004.

The Abbotsford Movie Theater in Colby caught fire, and the theatre’s ceiling collapsed and trapped three firefighters inside, including Jamison. The cause of the fire is still under investigation by local, state and federal officials.

Brother Jamison had a true passion for his job that was evident to everyone he encountered.

“He enjoyed doing this job, but at the same time, he took it very seriously,” Marathon County Chief Deputy Scott Parks said. “He had that personality that made it easy to want to be around him.”

Brother Jamison was also an adjunct criminal justice adviser at Northcentral Technical College (NTC) in Wausau, Wisconsin. Andrew Kleppe, a criminal justice instructor at NTC and a part-time sheriff’s deputy, said he admired the way Kampmeyer worked with people that were facing arrest, crime victims and students he taught.

“He had a way of connecting with people that got to the bottom line but didn’t take away respect from people,” Kleppe said. 

He was scheduled to be promoted to a detective next month. He will be promoted posthumously, Parks said.

Brother Jamison was also very active during his time at the Sigma Zeta Chapter at Wisconsin/River Falls. While in school, he served as Sentinel, Vice President and President. He was also loved by his chapter brothers. "Brother Kampmeyer was, and continues to be, a standard-bearer for the cardinal principles of our organization," said Jonathan Schroeder (Wisconsin/River Falls '02).

Brother Jamison is survived by his wife, Amy, and three children: Jack, Henry and Miles. He was a member of St. Mary Catholic Church in Colby. Hunting and fishing were some of his favorite pastimes.

Phi Sigma Kappa recognizes the sacrifices that Brother Jamison's family and friends have made, and we honor the ultimate sacrifice that Brother Jamison himself made by giving his life. We are proud to call him a Brother. Damn Proud!

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Iota Pentaton Raises $1,000 for Special Olympics

Posted 3:02 PM by

The brothers of Iota Pentaton raised over $1,000 through their week-long philanthropy event appropriately named, "Phi Sigma Kappa: 1st Annual Sausages for the Special Olympics." The event consisted of selling hot dogs and having hot dog related games. The brothers said the event brought out a lot of friendly competition among the fraternities and sororities of Cal State/ Fullerton.

They had games that involved both sororities and fraternities throwing hot dogs to one another, accuracy game tosses, and ended the week with a hot dog eating contest. The winners were given points based on the ranking of each game they played, and at the end of the week, the winner was determined based on ranking in the games, purchasing hot dogs and donations to the Special Olympics.

The brothers are exceptionally proud of this event because it generated a lot of buzz around campus and had a big turnout, with little cost.                                                                   

One of the hot dog eating contest at Iota Pentaton's 1st Annual Sausages for Special Olympics.

Participants partake in a hot dog toss to raise money for Special Olympics.

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Mu Hexaton Participates in Benefit to Fight Hunger

Posted 6:23 PM by

Phi Sig’s from Radford’s chapter dressed up as Zombies on Oct. 15 at a university soccer game to hand out information on an upcoming benefit to fight hunger.

The event is called a “Feeding Frenzy,” and asks people to bring a canned good and dress like a zombie. The food collected will go toward Feeding America Southwest Virginia.

The Feeding Frenzy will be held Saturday, Oct. 29, at 5:30 p.m. at the Draper Mercantile & Trading Company in Draper, VA.

                                                           Photo courtesy of local publicaton, The Burgs.
Members of Phi Sigma Kappa of Radford University handing out event flyers.
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Foundation Hires Fundraiser

Posted 12:18 PM by

Jim Ratliff (Ball State '89) has joined the Phi Sigma Kappa Foundation as the GOLD Program Development Officer. He will serve as the primary fundraising contact between the Phi Sigma Kappa Foundation and younger alumni through identification and cultivation on a one-on-one basis.

Prior to joining the IHQ staff in Indianapolis, Brother Ratliff served as a channel partner manager with Message Net Systems, based in Carmel, Indiana. He was charged with developing a nationwide product reseller network for a developing technology company.

He serves the Epsilon Tau Chapter as chapter adviser and previously served as alumni club president.


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Foundation Has Immediate Opening

Posted 10:33 AM by

The Phi Sigma Kappa Foundation has an immediate opening for a fundraising position.Click here for details.


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Marsha Spears Returns to Staff

Posted 5:20 AM by

Executive Director Michael Carey is pleased to announce that Marsha Spears has returned to the professional staff at the International Headquarters in Indianapolis.

Marsha will handle accounting functions and donor records for the Phi Sigma Kappa Foundation. Her first day on staff was June 1.

Marsha returns to the IHQ having previously worked on staff in the 1980s and 1990s. She managed the database for the Grand Chapter and processed associates, initiates and expulsions.


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Larry Messing Joins IHQ Staff

Posted 1:02 PM by

Larry Messing (Memphis '99) has joined the staff at the International Headquarters as Director of Alumni and Development. His primary responsibility will be fundraising for the Phi Sigma Kappa Foundation. Brother Messing was previously the President of Junior Achievement of Rockford, IL, a position he held since 2005. He was also a former Development Manager for Junior Achievement in Colorado Springs, CO.


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Foundation Seeks Director of Alumni and Development

Posted 5:30 PM by

The Phi Sigma Kappa Foundation has announced an opening for the Director of Alumni and Development. The individual selected for this position will be responsible for the fundraising efforts of the Foundation, to include the annual fund, major gifts and planned giving. This position will also be responsible for coordinating alumni programs. The Director of Alumni and Development will report directly to the Executive Director of the Phi Sigma Kappa Foundation.

Click on the link at the bottom of the home page for more information and a complete description.


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2009 Founders' Day

Posted 2:27 PM by

     Hi. I'm Todd Simpson, Grand President of Phi Sigma Kappa.
     March 1, 2009 marks the 136th Anniversary of the founding of Phi Sigma Kappa. 136 years of commitment. 136 years of Brotherhood.
     I wonder what our founders would think if they saw Phi Sigma Kappa today? I wonder what Big Chief Barrett or Jabez Clay would say if they saw our re-designed website or our cyber footprint on Facebook or LinkedIn?
     What would our founders say to the expansion opportunities for Phi Sig at campuses like Cal/Berkeley or Maryland or the many other institutions where the Fraternity is working to raise the Phi Sig flag?
     What would they say to our structure of nationwide volunteers who counsel and advise and mentor our collegiate brothers? Men like Regional Adviser Dave Schell, Chapter Adviser Scott Christopher or Alumni Club President Chad Burney.
     What would our founders say to the Phi Sigma Kappa Foundation or Phi Sigma Kappa Properties . . . separate corporations dedicated to serving the Grand Chapter and our members through educational funding and housing?
     What would they say to our dedication to the Cardinal Principles and our defined core values like Valuing Brotherhood Above Self or Demanding Excellence?
     Or what would our founders say to the largest and most successful merger in the 233 year history of the college fraternity movement . . . .the 1985 Merger between Phi Sigma Epsilon and Phi Sigma Kappa.
     What would our founders say? I think they'd look at the spirit of Brotherhood in our chapters and the dedication of our members and say . . . "I'm Damn Proud to be a Phi Sig."
     On behalf of the Grand Chapter I want to say happy Founders' Day, brothers. Let's let the 137th year of Phi Sigma Kappa be the best cycle ever!


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Phi Sigma Epsilon Founders Day Greetings

Posted 1:26 AM by

     One of the most enjoyable aspects of being the Grand President is sharing all the interesting history and snippets of information about Phi Sigma Epsilon and the Merger. Not only was the merger between Phi Sigma Epsilon and Phi Sigma Kappa the largest and most successful merger in the history of the North American Interfraternity Conference (and still is), but is was also the beginning of a new era of Phi Sig brotherhood stretching across the country.
     I enjoy sharing the heritage of Phi Sigma Epsilon with my collegiate brothers, and I take great satisfaction in their keen interest in the Epsilon history of their Fraternity.
     February 20, 2009 marks the 99th Anniversary of the founding of Phi Sigma Epsilon. As I consider the date, I look back on the Merger with pride and conviction that when Phi Sigs put our minds . . . and our hearts . . . into something, there is truly nothing beyond our reach.
     Happy birthday, Phi Sigma Epsilon!

R. Todd Simpson, EI '86
Grand President


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You're Invited! Phi Sig Alumni Reunion

Posted 4:57 PM by


You're Invited!


Phi Sig Alumni Reunion Happy Hour!

Come spend an evening when the Phi Sigs come back home at Redline Gastrolounge.  Come enjoy time with your fellow alumni brothers.

When: Wednesday, November 14, 5 p.m.

Where: Redline Gastrolounge
707 G St. NW
            Washington, D.C. 20001

Hosted By: Kris Hart

Phone: 215-740-2663

Don't miss this opportunity to catch up with and connect with your fellow Phi Sig alums!

 Click here to register!

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Sigma Tau Restores Old Tradition

Posted 7:15 AM by

Brothers at the Sigma Tau Chapter at Missouri Western University have restored an old chapter tradition through the resurrection of The General, a cannon that members used to fire at home football games in the 1970s - 1990s. The rejuvination of the fan favorite has been a big hit so far. 

Watch this video to see The General in action at a Griffon home game just a couple of weeks ago, and click here to for more background on the revitalization of the cannon. 

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Phi Sigs Gear Up for the 2012 Shonk Leadership School

Posted 10:11 AM by


Excitement and anticipation are rising as the finishing touches are being completed for this year’s Shonk Leadership School. Held every other year in Indianapolis, Indiana, Leadership School is a great opportunity for undergrads and alumni alike to connect with other Phi Sigs, learn ways to lead their chapters and fellow brothers as the fall semester begins, and overall, just have a great weekend of brotherhood.

Many participants will be driving as they make the journey to Indianapolis. A road trip with friends can be a great time filled with a lot of memories, but the road can present a lot of dangers. Here are a few tips to remember as you start your trip to the Midwest:

1.       Have multiple drivers – Driving can be tedious and tiresome and it’s easy to lose focus. Switching drivers will lessen the chances of making mistakes behind the wheel.

2.       Don’t drive at night – We understand brothers will be coming from all over the country, but if you can avoid driving at night, please do. It’s much easier to stay alert during daylight than it is at nighttime, when the temptations of sleep are lurking around you. It may mean getting up a little sooner for an early morning send off, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

3.       Check your car before you go – Get your oil changed if necessary and check other fluids. Have a spare tire and a gallon of water in your trunk. Chances are that nothing will happen, but you’ll be very happy you were prepared if something does.

4.       Break up the drive – Just like having multiple drivers, breaking up the drive will help you be more alert on the road. It’s easy to want to just push through the long drive to get there, but don’t sacrifice your concentration to cut off a few minutes … take a few breaks.

5.       Plan out a route – Know where are you are going before you go. Having a GPS is great, but service can be lost sometimes; it’s a good idea to just research the route before you take off.

Some of this year’s speakers include spokesmen from one of our partner organizations, Phired Up, a premier recruitment assistance organization, representatives from our national philanthropy, Special Olympics, and multiple speakers specializing in various topics and areas that will further your leadership skills and abilities.

The 2012 Shonk Leadership School is set to be a success, and one you will not want to miss. The IHQ staff and national officers are looking forward to seeing everyone in just a couple of weeks!

Damn Proud! 

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Phi Sig Alum's Band Premiers on mtvU

Posted 3:53 PM by

Rob "Fish" Fishkin's (University of Pittsburgh) band, Xombie, just premiered on mtvU featuring their song, "Excuse Me Miss." The band is also scheduled to play at the Bamboozle music festival in Asbury Park, NJ, on May 20, which features big names including Bon Jovi, the Foo Fighters and Skrillex, before gearing up to kick-start their national tour. 

For more information on the band, visit their website

For a line-up of Bamboozle performers, click here.

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PSK Welcomes New Chapter: Phi Nu

Posted 2:53 PM by

The Phi Nu Colony became an official chapter after its chartering banquet this past weekend. The chapter had 17 initiates, with 8 alumni present from both PSK and PSE. Grand Council Director Bill Neugebauer served as the Chartering Officer, and the Beta Pentaton Chapter from E. Stroudsburg served as the Initiation Team. The vice-president of student affairs from Mansfield was also present at the banquet. Damn Proud!

See the Summer 2012 Signet for a more in-depth account of the evening and the chapter's history.

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Kappa Tetarton Wins Big for Special Olympics

Posted 3:47 PM by


The Kappa Tetarton Chapter at Southern Illinois participated in the 2012 Polar Plunge, which raised more than $32,000 for the Southern Illinois Special Olympics program; the event had 178 participants in total.

Our Kappa Tetarton brothers brought home the gold by winning multiple awards. Brother Daniel Ershen won the title of Golden Plunger, which is the individual who raised the most money, by bringing in more than $2,800. The chapter also won the Golden Team Plunger awards, which was first place in the group participants, as well as the Greek Life award.

The Southern Illinois Special Olympics program serves more than 870 athletes in the region, according to Linda Wunder, southern region supervisor for Special Olympics Illinois.  Many of the participants donned creative costumes for this second annual event.

The plunge had a “Beach Party” theme and each participant brought in at least $75 in donations for Special Olympics.  Some contributed much more, winning a variety of incentives and prizes, including a seven-night trip for two to Riu Negril in Negril, Jamaica.

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Phi Sig Receives Life Saving Medal

Posted 3:09 PM by

On December 12, 2011, Reserve Officers (and PSK Grand President) Tim Vojtasko (Indiana University of Pennsylvania '85) and Jack Herriot responded to a disorderly call.  Shortly after arriving on the scene, the two were informed that a vehicle was blocking the street.  As they approached, the vehicle which was on a steep hill, the driver opened the door and stepped out.  As he stepped out of the vehicle it began to roll backwards, knocking him to the ground and underneath the moving vehicle.

Reserve Officer Vojtasko quickly ran behind the vehicle and began to push it forward in an attempt to prevent it from rolling over the driver. Reserve Officer Herriot quickly jumped inside and activated the emergency brake.  Once the vehicle was stopped, Officer Herriot cautiously pulled the driver who was unconscious from under the vehicle. Reserve Officers Vojtasko and Herriot assisted in rendering aid to the driver until the arrival of EMS who transported him to George Washington University Hospital where he was treated for minor injuries.

If not for the quick reaction of Reserve Officers Herriot and Vojtasko this incident could have been fatal.    

Officer Jack Herriott and Steven Vojtasko (Maryland '87) were recognized with a Life Saving Medal.  The medal was presented by Chief Cathy Lanier, Assistant Chief Patrick Burke and Commander Richard Southby. 

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Phi Sig Career Center Launches

Posted 9:14 PM by

We are pleased to announce the launching of the Phi Sig Career Center! The Grand Chapter has collaborated with JobTarget to expand the Phi Sig network by providing a new service for current members and alumni alike. On the job board, current members and alumni can search listings and apply for jobs. Phi Sigs who are employers can also post their job openings on the board … another reason why it pays to be a Phi Sig!

Click here to get started!

To advertise a job, contact Executive Director Michael Carey at,or by phone at 317-573-5420.


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Phi Deuterons Host Polar Plunge

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After months of planning and preparation, the Phi Deuterons of the University of Kentucky successfully hosted the annual Polar Plunge for the first time on a college campus in the state of Kentucky on Saturday, November 12. After raising over $3,000 and participating in the event last year, the Phi Sigs came up with the idea to host the event themselves. This year, the event attracted 65 participants and raised over $4,000, with money still coming in.

The Polar Plunge consists of participants, some whom dress in costumes, jumping into ice-cold water to raise money for Special Olympics. The event was put together by the Phi Deut’s Philanthropy Chair, Seth Fortenbery, and Special Olympics Coordinator, Dylan Murphy.

For full media coverage, please visit

The Phi Deuteron Chapter showing their Most Outstanding Chapter award banner at the Polar Plunge.

Participants taking the plunge into the freezing water to raise money for Special Olympics.

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Celebrate Phi Sig's 60th Anniversary at Arizona State!

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The Chi Triton Chapter and the Phoenix Alumni Club will celebrate the chapter's 60th anniversary at Arizona State on Friday, March 26. All alumni are welcome to attend the Founders' Day dinner at Monti's in Tempe. Social hour will start at 6 p.m., with dinner at 7 p.m.

The chapter is doing very well and the undergraduates look forward to attending the event. The cost will be $35 per person, and there will be a cash bar. This will be a brothers-only event, without wives or dates. Call Don Dotts (480/838-4658) for more information.


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New Post Title

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I am blogging. This is an experiment!


Fees Due October 15

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Census fees are due to the International Headquarters by October 15. Insurance fees are also due to HRH Willis by October 15.


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IHQ Closed September 7

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The International Headquarters will be closed Monday, September 7 in observance of Labor Day. The IHQ will be open Tuesday, September 8 for regular office hours.


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Grand Chapter Welcomes New Colonies

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   The Omega Colony was re-established Friday, March 13 at Cal/Berkeley. Regional Counselor Zach Jacobson and Fraternity Operations Specialist Erik Sederstrom represented the Grand Chapter for the re-colonization.
   To celebrate, the new colony hit the Pacific Coast Highway and visited chapters at Cal Poly, UC/Santa Barbara and the Signet Circle Corporation, which was celebrating Founders' Day at USC.
   The Eta Colony was re-established Thursday, April 16 at the University of Maryland. Grand Council Director Tim Vojtasko, Eta Alumni Association President Scott Shaul and Fraternity Operations Specialist Erik Sederstrom represented the Grand Chapter.
   The staff at the International Headquarters publicly thanks the Xi Septaton Chapter at George Mason for helping to recruit on the Maryland campus.


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Psi Triton Re-Chartered at Hobart

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   The Psi Triton Chapter was re-chartered at Hobart College March 28. Chancellor of the Court of Honor Dave Spreitzer, Executive Director Michael Carey and Fraternity Operations Specialist Erik Sederstrom represented the Grand Chapter for the weekend's festivities.
   For complete details, watch for the spring issue of the Signet.

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